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Original Music


Tell Me [96khz mp3, 2.7mb]
A song by Luis Rospigliosi
Produced and mixed by Kevin Dolorico
Vocals & Guitar: Luis Rospigliosi
Bass: Eric Rosenberg
Soprano Saxophone: Kevin Dolorico

Recorded in May 2003 at NYU's Studio D on a Tascam DA88, mixed on a Powerbook G4 running MOTU Digital Performer.

This was one of the few traditional rock songs I've produced. This is a demo of a song that has been marinating in Luis's brain for several years now, and it felt really good to have a clean, mixed-down version of it. I hope that one day we'll be able to put together another band and perform it live again.

Girl (remix) [128khz mp3, 4mb]
A song by Two From the Heart
This is a remake of a song that was originally co-written by my friend Dave Grossman and me (at the time, we were known as the band Two From the Heart) almost a decade ago, when freestyle was still in (but on its way out!). I composed and sequenced this backing track using the amazing Reason software by the Propellerheads (running on an iMac G4) and my Yamaha AN1x as my controller (knobs are cool).

Open Your Mind [128khz mp3, 4.3mb]
A song by Technomaster
Here's an original song I wrote a few year ago. It has some influence from Depeche Mode, Jon Secada, and Seal, at least that's what the finished demo sounded like (to me).

This was sequenced on a Mac running Logic, and recorded and mixed on a cheap Tascam 424 4-track. Mic was a Shure SM58. Sound sources include a Proteus 1, Dr. Synth, and Akai S2000. Oh, yeah, and that's me on vocals (give me a break, it's just a quick demo!).

Dance to the Rhythm [128khz mp3, 3.1mb]
A song by Technomaster
A happy little dance tune, produced and mixed by Kevin Dolorico on Jan. 1, 1999 -- in 1 hour. (12am-1am!) Most of the tune was made using my trusty Dr. Synth... sounds from my Akai S2000 sampler were used (thanks to Propellerheads Recycle).

You'll Always Have Me [128khz mp3, 3.7mb]
A song by Two From the Heart
This is one of my favorites--- trip hop style. Well, it was kind of influenced by Portishead, but didn't come out quite like that. Lyrics by Dave Grossman. Music and vocals by me. This one definitely could use a remake, as the demo is very unfinished (and my pitch is a bit off!). Unbelievably, most of the sounds were sampled off a Yamaha QY10 handheld sequencer. The music was sequenced using Cubase.

Looking at You [128khz mp3, 4mb]
A song by Two From the Heart
This is an old demo that was written and produced back in the mid-90s. Lyric and Vocals by Dave Grossman. Music and sequencing by me. It isn't the best quality recording- this was an unfinished mix. (sorry, I didn't know how to make a mix back then!) I'd love to re-record this one. Gear used: Atari MegaSte/2 running Dr. T's Tiger Cub/KCS, Boss Dr. Synth (GS Module), Radio Shack mixer, Yamaha SY22 vector synth

Goodbye [128khz mp3, 5.1mb]
A song by Two From the Heart
This is a backing track for Goodbye. This synthpop (Erasure-style) mix was never recorded with vocals. The song has been performed once, as a cover by the band "Bruno King of Ravioli".

Girl [128khz mp3, 3mb]
A song by Two From the Heart
This is the song that started it all. Hear Dave Grossman's debut as vocalist! Simply amazing stuff. This is GOOD FREESTYLE MUSIC. :)


© Kevin Dolorico, 2007
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