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InformationWeek Magazine • (updated)

In 2001, InformationWeek magazine decided it was time to redesign their site. I was the person in charge of making it happen.

At over 2 million hits/month, the site was already very successful at reaching its audience. The site hadn't had a major update since 1998, and it was beginning to show its age.

The objective was to create a modern, expandable website that could accomodate InformationWeek's large, diverse reader base.

Interfacing with a 3rd party design/usability company, we came up with a new design that was more contemporary, cleaner, and easier to use.

In total, I designed over 30 page templates for the website, including interfaces for their online tools, story layouts, show sites, career pages, and many more.

I also helped rework our email newsletter strategies, building versions formatted for text, html, and AvantGo. We cut back on the size of the newsletters, making them more email-friendly. One tactic used was using teaser summaries that were linked to the full articles on our site.

Day to day duties included building informational charts/graphs based on research data, as well as syncing up graphic processing with the the print designers.

Awards include the Jesse Neal Journalism Award for best Website, 2001


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