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InformationWeek • Old Version (2001)

My move to InformationWeek was a very exciting one (at least from a designer standpoint). I had the opportunity to play the role of sr designer/art director for a major publication!

The informationweek homepage, while functional, needed some serious updating. For several years, it had been neglected by freelancers, and it looked all patched together.

With a major redesign project slated to begin several months later, I initiated an incremental design update, improving the consistency of the site by standardizing sizes, widths, and fonts.

I also began working on the news graphics for the site, giving the site a fresh look every day.

I designed and produced the Listening Post section, a forum area of the site moderated by the editors...

However... as I said, only a few months would pass before I would implement a complete redesign.

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